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Architectural fastener installation attention to the problem
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Construction of the fastener installed on the rotor to do the dynamic balance is very simple When the dynamic balance of iron filings into the construction of the fastener inside, it is best to do before construction of the fastener to do the dynamic balance. Some manufacturers in order to facilitate the installation, the installation of the installation of fasteners indoors coated with some oil or grease play a smooth role, but usually the operator is difficult to manipulate the amount of good, if the oil or grease in the retention chamber to build more retention in the When building a fastener, it is easy to scroll along the shaft and into the interior of the fastener.

Once many manufacturers will be considered the construction of the fastener question, through our constant publicity, and now the motor factory has realized that the first is the insulation paint doubt. The problem is mainly due to the evaporation of insulating paint out of acid substances in a certain temperature and humidity constitute a corrosive substances, the construction of the fastener channel corrosion resulting in the construction of the fastener damage. This question is currently only a good choice of insulating paint, and after drying for some time after the installation of ventilation.