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Ball cover selection of ink
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Dunk cover material with ductile iron circle diameter seal range of positive and negative 2 mm, the height of the manhole cover and the well with the precision of plus or minus 1 mm, with the gap of 3 mm. The difference between the ball cover and the steel fiber cover is that the ductile iron cover is the best cover at present. The cover has the highest compressive strength, the sledgehammer is not bad, the cover is integrated with the base, and the anti-theft is 100%. Manhole cover lighter, single hand can open. Steel fiber covers are cement covers, and some did not add steel fibers, but more than the resin covers, polymer plastic covers to be strong, more bulky steel fiber cover, off angle, maintenance open inconvenient. In the inspection well outer ring set three 120 degree distribution of the bolt, through the riveting with the embedding of the bolt, so as to avoid road roller caused by the displacement of the well ring, improve the well ring anti-theft performance. Cover surface with a triangular pattern of cross-shaped flower, can effectively play a non-slip effect. To check the well of the well, the use of the inner ring groove placed T-shaped strip, the formation of rubber ring, that is to prevent the inspection cover run, jump, ring, increased cover and inner ring mouth surface area, contact , Anastomosis area increases, so as to eliminate the covers run, jump, ring phenomenon