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Ductile iron grate buy tips
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Nodular cast iron grate is generally sanitation city in a more important role, under normal circumstances, mainly circular ductile iron grate, design attaches great importance to safety, environmental protection, service life and other factors, so by the city's favor, here Xiaobian Mainly to tell you what to consider when buying:

Ductile iron grate Features:

1, ductile iron grate long life: corrosion-resistant, pollution-free, maintenance-free, you can use more than 50 years.

2, ductile iron grate high bearing capacity: bearing capacity far exceeds other types of products, bearing pressure, anti-fracture, vehicle crash and other safety incidents.

3, ductile iron grate anti-theft: ordinary anti-theft design, the new anti-theft design, covers and wells with high strength bolts, integrated design.

4, ductile iron grate safety: does not produce jump, rocker, shift and other phenomena, no noise, safe and reliable. Ductile cast iron grate Specifications: heavy 400KN, general type 250KN, light 125KN; flexural strength: average 22MPa impact strength: the average 10J / m2; compressive strength: the average 25MPa; tensile strength: the average 10MPa; modulus of elasticity: Average 1000MPa; water absorption: 1%; acid resistance: the sample immersed in 20% sulfuric acid solution for 48h no corrosion on the surface, the mass loss of 1%

Ductile iron grate is mainly used in municipal road drainage, water collection wells, residential, factories and mines, water and rainwater have to establish drainage pipes, so that more than the surface of the stagnant water discharged into the underground sewer network.