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Ductile iron grate how to reduce vibration
- Jan 17, 2018 -

When it comes to ductile cast iron grate, we should all be familiar with, it is more easily seen in life products, is also an essential part of road engineering, then choose ductile iron as the main material of grate what role? Anti-ring: In nodular cast iron rain water grate with the contact surface between the wellbore, can be directly on the rubber strip to soft Ke Gang, to reduce noise.

Shockproof: generally by setting the U-shaped groove in the mouth of the well ring, and then use T-shaped synthetic rubber strip, embedded in the U-groove to reduce vibration, ductile iron rain grate in contact with the well during the process, can play Buffer effect, reduce vibration force.

Displacement prevention: The four riveted bolt holes reserved in the well ring are uniformly distributed by 90 degrees. Each set is equipped with 4 anchor bolts, which can eliminate the displacement caused by mechanical rolling in the road construction and can play To a certain anti-theft effect.