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Ductile iron grate the correct method of cleaning
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Nodular cast iron grate as a cover products, appear in our daily life of the streets, ductile iron grate is used to ensure the smooth drainage of the road, when faced with bad weather, a heavy rain struck, it played a role, Timely clear the road surface water to ensure that people's normal travel. Here's to introduce the right nodular cast iron grate clean method:

Ductile cast iron grate with a long time, there will be congestion problems will inevitably occur, so municipal, urban construction department must make timely monitoring, timely detection of problems, timely solution to the problem, the urban pavement drainage ductile iron grate timely investigation , If found pipe or ductile iron grate blockage, it should immediately clear, clean up. We usually walk on the road may see some pipelines, ductile iron grates filled with roots and other debris, siltation serious, resulting in poor drainage. In addition, some people vandalism, ductile cast iron grate lost, stolen situation is common, ductile iron grate manufacturers should do a good job of anti-theft measures on the ductile iron grate, the road and the government should be more rigorous investigation.

In the rainy season, it is necessary to arrange for certain personnel to conduct regular inspections of urban road sections and also to arrange night posts. In case of sudden emergencies, it is timely and promptly arrived at the relevant sites. If there is a flood, Rescue equipment to clear the drainage equipment. Here to remind the general public, in the usual when the sewage must be treated separately from water and garbage, so as not to plug the sewer. In recent years, municipal departments have invested a great deal of financial and material resources in urban drainage projects. Of course, protecting our beautiful city relies not only on government departments. Our usual actions are affecting and changing our living environment. Therefore, we We must start from ourselves, consciously safeguard public facilities and protect our beautiful environment.