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Linear drain has a unique role
- Jan 17, 2018 -

1. Define space and enhance the sense of place

If the same place in the different areas of the pavement material, you can use the linear drainage ditches, designed to look unique, you can use it as a dividing line between different regions, the division of space, so that To be able to enhance the sense of regional place.

2. distinguish between different functional areas

For functional areas, should not be too prominent linear drainage ditch decoration, should be mainly functional, played the role of embellishment. Then the correct approach is to use the location of a good reputation linear drainage gutter can be installed in different functional areas linear drainage ditch, of course, the color of the material should not be consistent with the scenic area, to use different pavement material structure, so that Forming a line of demarcation change, but also can play the role of regional division of warning.

3-oriented emphasis

Some scenic spots in the guidance and did not do too much, then you can use the linear drain to play a guiding role for tourists, linear drain with a straight line and dot matrix and so on, so designers can use the point Line combination of form, then injury in the scenic area can play a certain role in guiding and emphasizing.

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