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Steel grating do paint surface treatment considerations
- Jan 17, 2018 -

We know that the current use of painted steel grating is also very extensive, usually in the steel grating painting process should pay attention to what are the things? Spray paint as a kind of surface treatment of steel grating, has a certain anti-corrosion function, then the steel grating in the surface before painting to pay attention to what can be guaranteed spray paint grating longer service life. First of all, the following must be done before painting:

1, choose the coating of steel grating;

2, check the performance of paint;

3, fully mix paint;

4, adjust the viscosity of paint;

5, paint purification filter;

6, paint color adjustment;

Then, spraying should be based on being sprayed steel grating select the appropriate coating and the appropriate viscosity, according to the type of coating, air pressure, the size of the nozzle and the required surface to be sprayed to be set.

1, the nozzle diameter of 0.5mm-0.8mm;

2, the air pressure supplied to the gun is generally 0.3-0.6MPa;

3, the nozzle and steel grating spray surface is generally 20-30cm appropriate;

4, spray paint flow direction should be perpendicular to the steel grating surface;

5, the operation of each spraying the edge of the strip should be overlapped on the edge of the strip has been sprayed on a good (to overlap 1/3 as well), spray gun movement speed should be uniform, not fast and slow.

When our technicians can strictly follow the above steps to do the steel grating painting treatment, then we can greater limits to ensure the life of the product, but also to ensure the appearance of the product appearance.