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Difference Between Ductile Iron Rain Grate And Gray Iron Rain Grate
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Ductile iron rain grate with superior corrosion resistance, and its strength is higher than other products, good products, everyone loves, then it is particularly good where?

Ductile iron rain grate and gray cast iron rain grate products have the same place, but their raw materials are not the same. Its weight is lighter than gray cast iron, high strength, good resistance, and corrosion resistance has been improved, so it acid, alkali, chemicals. Ductile iron grate rain water is not very high cost, compared with other standard-scale gray cast iron covers contrast much lighter weight than other older gray cast iron to half the intensity. Contrast the traditional gray cast iron brittle contrast, it is easy to appear the appearance of cracking.

From the chemical composition and physical properties point of view, ductile iron rain grate either in tensile or elongation is still on the yield strength is higher than the gray cast iron, the ultimate goal of the pressure load head resolution of the ink Cast iron rain grate higher than other products, which also determines the carrying capacity of rain grate can not be less than 140KN.

Through the above comparison, we can find not only in the raw material there is a certain difference, the same in the production technology is also different, so ductile iron rain grate in normal use when compared to other products than the advantages many.