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Give You A Different World Of Covers
- Jan 17, 2018 -

We can see the manhole every day from the street. You may not pay attention to it lying quietly on the roadside. Only when it is lost or broken, we find it a big security risk.

In order to let everyone pay attention to the manhole cover problem, the low-profile manhole cover has been changed into a beautiful artwork and has been imitated by various universities and parent-child activities to make the simple manhole cover a different world. Accidentally did not make a new level.

Seeing so many beautiful covers really can not walk well, for fear of accidentally stepped on the manhole to go through.

Around the manhole has become not only adorable, but also safe and reliable. Because the manhole cover is a deep black hole, used to access underground pipelines a convenient passage leading to a complex underground world, in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians walk, the manhole is the gateway to the underground, so its texture Must be solid and secure.

Manhole cover must have high pressure, bending, impact strength, toughness, long-term use of the product will not be corrosive fragmentation phenomenon. Second, easy to use, light weight, easy to transport, installation, repair. The most important thing is anti-theft, some high-quality covers have been installed on the Internet intelligent anti-theft system, the use of polymer composite covers.