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How To Install Kitchen Drainage Holes Prevent Cockroach Floor Drain
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Kitchen drain how sting?

Drains and drains on all levels of the building are interlinked, so odors or bugs may enter your house through other drain holes, but simply replace the original drain hole cover with a drain hole cover that opens and closes. Prevent stink or bugs from entering home.

Anti-cockroach law: drainage holes deodorant measures

1, remove the kitchen floor drain hole cover screw, the original drainage hole cover removed. The company is located in:

2, the installation of the opening and closing of the drainage hole cover, drainage holes can usually be closed up. The company is located in:

3, the drainage pipe can also be installed on the insect-proof deodorant isolation cylinder, this insecticide deodorant isolation cylinder with a removable cover, water can flow but the insects can not climb up. Remove the top of the drainage pipe under the flow station and install the isolation cylinder for pest control and deodorization. The company is located in:

4, or plastic drain around a circle tied with a rope to create S water pipe effect, so that water will temporarily accumulate in the bend, insects can not climb along the water pipe.