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Stainless Steel Covers Do Not You Know The World
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Invisible covers industry for road construction green provide the most basic equipment, play a green road construction project "technologist" role. Therefore, the development of advanced and cost-effective invisible manhole covers is a key trend in the development of green technologies in urban and rural road construction in China, and is also a sign of the development of urban and rural roads in China. Invisible covers there are unhappy is that composite covers better than him, how good it, let's look at:

Inorganic magnesite composite covers high strength, low price, beautiful appearance. This product can be any coloring, installation, maintenance, identification convenience, because no recovery value, completely solve the problem of theft. China will gradually replace the composite material covers in the next three to five years and the market has great potential. The potential of steel grating is also very large.

Inorganic composite composite covers. The manhole cover is made of a new type of high strength inorganic synthetic material and glass fiber composite. Belong to the mid-range covers products. Its strength is second only to the stone plastic covers. Can carry more than 40 tons of vehicles. Its comprehensive performance lies between the stone plastic covers and concrete covers, better than concrete; can be applied to cover the higher technical requirements of the occasion. Its most prominent advantage is not to use the steel frame to enhance, but to enhance the glass fiber composite, are GRC products. Like shaped steel grating, very powerful.

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