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Stainless Steel Manhole Cover Product Features
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Beautiful appearance: simple lines, surface treatment according to demand, modern concept, anti-theft design: anti-theft, safety, a special open hook, easy to open, high strength: strength and toughness is much higher than cast iron can be used for terminals, airports and other long- Load the environment, specifications and more: many varieties: to meet the different environments, load, span and shape required, customers can also provide the size and shape.

Installation Precautions

Each city's underground sewage outfall size is not the same, such as some smaller specifications of the road its sewage outfall will be smaller, and some large sections of the road above the sewage outfall will be wider. In the installation of stainless steel covers, be sure to measure the size of the sewage outfall in advance, and then according to the actual size to buy covers of different sizes, so as to ensure the smooth installation. If you choose the size of the hidden manhole covers and sewage nozzle is not the same size, then the installation will not be able to continue.

Before installation, the construction personnel should ensure that the height of the invisible manhole cover and the surrounding ground should not be more than 3 centimeters, otherwise the manhole cover may be unbalanced with the ground when being installed. Once unbalanced, the road will be significantly more prominent, thereby increasing the possibility of theft. Theft is the second reason, as the manhole cover is relatively high, it can also lead to the inconvenience of pedestrians on the road or the inconvenience of driving the car.

Stainless steel covers beautiful appearance, anti-theft design, high strength. Can be used for terminals, airports and other large-span and heavy load environment. Variety: Meet the needs of different environments, loads, spans and shapes, made to customer-supplied sizes and shapes.

Strength and toughness is much higher than cast iron, can be used for wharves, airports and other large-span and heavy-duty environment.