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Swimming Pool Drain Cover A Lot Of Benefits
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Swimming pool grille as a plastic cover around the drain around the pool, belonging to the swimming pool engineering accessories, also known as grille, non-slip surface grille, pool grille, pool water grate, swimming pool overflow grille.

Product advantages: safe and comfortable: the safety of the swimming pool grille is very important, the surface of the design of the fine non-slip rugged grain pattern, non-slip while foot barefoot will feel very comfortable.

Easy to clean: you can directly take it down to wash, at the same time you can directly wash the ground, easy to clean, reducing labor costs.

Beautiful and durable: a variety of shapes and patterns, but also can be customized according to customer needs color, customers can choose large. At the same time using good flexibility, high strength, corrosion-resistant ABS material, not only high gloss, it is durable.

Health and environmental protection: Foot massage design, non-slip safety, flexible installation, novel and beautiful, according to the shape and length of the pool overflow ditches arbitrary splicing combination.