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The Use Of Cast Iron Covers
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Every kind of manhole cover has its existence value, what is its use value about the manhole cover?

1, exquisite forging technology so that the texture of cast iron covers a clear covers the appearance of a unique anti-skid picture to add the ability to conflict, prevent rain and snow, hail coverage makes people slip.

2, the use of cast iron raw materials can increase the density of the goods, so that the goods have good compressive and impact resistance, heat-resistant cold and anti-aging advantages.

3, cast iron manhole covers and collar contact surface is zero, both of them can seamlessly meet the manhole cover, and the use of cast-iron manhole cover to prevent vehicles passing through the time of noise.

Cast iron manhole cover more and more in everyday life, its use value is more and more obvious.